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Executive Coaching:

Through the vary experience of CJ consulting organizational coaching we would provide CJ clients with unique comprehensive and integrated coaching services which covers the middle and senior management level.

CJ Coaching models and techniques depend on some worldwide coaching models which aim to enhance the productivity of organizational leaders

Assessment Centers

A group of simulations and exercising tools are used to assess and measure the individual knowledge skills & attributes through our experts which reflect most essential success for a specific position.

During the simulation exercises, our assessors observe the participants & assess each individual’s contribution to the process. We use Psychometric testing in reveals each participant’s organizational skills and effectiveness.

Here under the types of the assessment centers presented by CJ:

HR Technical Consulting:

HR Teams Technical coaching

In this service CJ will present a technical HR Coaching support for HR Teams in order to give them the needed coaching and mentoring support which empower this team to successfully implement the organizational HR functions – business objectives, growth and results.

HR Technical Training