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Business Essence

is a dynamic board game with its fast-paced changes and actions. This interactive learning tool will challenge participants to learn about making Decisions, Business Acumen and Strategic Business focus. This simulation is sophisticated board game in which teams of participants take control of a global company and play it for several operating periods. It transfer the knowledge and skills gained to their own organization, department and individual roles.


Is an Active Learning - board game about team performance and engagement that is designed for Leaders in any organization. The game challenges the participants’ ability to handle all the different aspects of team and project leadership by deciding through set of actions, including their ability to manage financial, customer and organization results. It also hits on making the balance between leading a high-performing team as well as low-performing ones.

Project Superheroes

Is a board simulation about the management part of project management. It is a tool for training project managers, business teams or entrepreneurial in how to manage difficult projects and in balancing long term planning and ad hoc control.

Max Out

Is the virtual version of business teams performance & dynamics. It focuses on enhancing their productivity and efficiency as well as supports in process improvement. All groups will play together to achieve one target that is reflected on the game and all of them must achieve the company target to win.