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Manufacturers and distributors in the consumer goods industry face unprecedented pressure to provide a greater variety and quality of products, simplify complex supply chains, and compete with the price pressures imposed by retail consolidation. At Creative Juice, we believe that FMCG – Learning Programs should focus on building teams who know how to deal with such mentioned challenges with a constructive behaviors, to maintain customer relation and get better business results.


Increasing profitability while having complex business challenges

Changes to the business environment have made selling more difficult, however, the rewards for those who succeed are enormous. In addition, higher transportation costs and unstable economy demand greater control and visibility of product profitability, while product safety and contamination concerns have increased the need to improve traceability.

People of Consumer Goods can overcome these business challenges with careful preparation. By doing more homework before even the challenge happen.

The difference lies in differentiation, deliver compelling analytics and build a two-­‐way relationship with buyers. Sellers who have had proper Consumer Goods development stand to make momentous gains as millions more people entering the consumer class.

Creative Juice – Learning Program offers solutions that help people working in Consumer Goods bring this kind of experience to make them more capable than others.

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