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Food & Beverages


Train the sales professional to understand what got the customer into the store, and ask questions that reveal the customer’s motivations and needs. A retail sales program should help train your employees to keep the conversation focused on these areas. Build confidence in the employees’ and management’s ability to seek customer feedback. Train them to ask the right questions to ensure their suggestions are hiang the mark and use that feedback to change course to better serve the customer’s needs.

Creative Juice learning program teaches your team how to gain credibility, how to build conversations of loyalty and how to us the up-selling technique.



In an increasingly digital world, the customer connection offers real value. A customer-focused approach must flow through your team’s thinking, actions, and words.

The difference comes from a deeper customer relationship. However, this depth cannot develop without authenticity. See the customer as someone seeking a knowledgeable professional.

While many prefer the speed and convenience of online orders and home delivery, they also value the in-store experience of working with knowledgeable retail sales associates.

We at Creative Juice knows well that Customers will resist opening if they believe you are pushy and add no value. Your team must learn to avoid exhausting the customer with too much detail. They should be trained to listen to the customer rather than wait for their turn to speak. Get the customer talking. That’s why we developed the “F&B Learning Program”.

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