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Pharma & Health Care

Pharma companies are facing the pressure of trying to stay stable even while being innovative in their products and approach.

Pharmaceutical people today are more driven than ever to close the deal with aggressive outreach efforts and repeated contact with their customer. Despite this bold approach, winning the deal has become more difficult because customers are distancing themselves from salespeople.


Winning Strategies

The short and long term strategies of Pharma companies play a crucial role in deciding their market share. Short term strategies aim at fighting patenting issues and will have an immediate impact on their market share in the coming years. Long term strategies focus on improvement in R&D, targeted treatment solutions, biotech, and integrated network models. Pharma companies are working hard on long term issues even while striving for larger market shares.

The companies are formulating winning strategies on the basis of new emerging models such as the Kiosk Based Health Care Model, Integrated Network Model, and Semi Block Buster Model.

The primary business and operational goals of Pharma companies are to increase market capitalization to gain institutional support, raise additional funding, optimize R&D process and reduce cost, acquire later stage programs and pipelines, and bank on competitive advantages.

Hence, having a well developed team should be in the top priority for any business owner. Creative Juice – Pharma & Health Care learning program focuses on the core and functional competencies that any of your team members need to ensure having a Winning Strategy.

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