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Real State Academy


Nowhere the customer has different varieties more than the Real Estate industry. The diversity of developers encompasses established firms and newly emerging startups, niche players and comprehensive providers, as well as both developers and construction companies.Creative Juice helps Real Estate Developers take proactive steps to adapt to industry shift, building teams of Innovation & Success over the long term and increase the company revenue.


Bringing Life to Land:

Real estate development is a complex, iterative, and interdisciplinary endeavor. To effectively develop, finance, or supervise a project, an in depth understanding of the process and its many facets is necessary. Many real estate entrepreneurs enter the development business from a tangential discipline.


At Creative Juice, we designed a full academy for development team-members, decision-makers and sales teams working in real estate and do not have an explicit development function.

We provide participants with a full understanding of real estate development and a comprehensive overview of the development process. Through a fully experiential experience, the program was designed to enhance the participants experience with a review of the development process and quickly takes them through several stages of real estate development, demonstrating the interdisciplinary nature of the process, and its inherent complexity.

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