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Investing in your Retail team will build a competitive advantage for your retail operation over other vendors. Retail companies investing more in learning programs achieve greater profits than competitors. Unfortunately, many are costs in training budget. Some have gone even further. They have chosen to fire experienced sales professionals who command higher pay. In Creative Juice -­‐ Retail Learning Programs we show your team how to deliver a better customer experience. However, there is no retailer can create a loyal customer before first understanding their needs.


Building a Stronger Bond

Customers have more options than ever before. They enter every purchase armed with at least some basic information. They’re familiar with competitor prices and the availability of other options.

The customer’s hold on information doesn’t diminish the sales professional’s role. In fact, it gives retail sales team members and their sales managers an opportunity to set themselves apart by following a few fundamental concepts.

Customers don’t want to feel pressured. They want a better customer experience. Delivering on this expectation means avoiding seller-­centric behaviors that leave customers feeling that they’ve been pushed through the process. Train your retail sales team to consider the customers perspective. They must ask questions that help them understand the customer’s full need to be able to provide the solution that will lead to a closed sale.


In an increasingly digital world, this connection offers real value. A customer-­‐focused approach must flow through your team’s thinking, actions, and words.

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