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Telecommunications sector is expanding outside of its previous boundaries and is beginning to impact on new sectors such as banking, media and the energy industries. The possibilities for telecommunications solutions are almost limitless, and now more than ever there is a need for highly skilled telecommunications professionals to drive the market. At Creative Juice, we designed a developmental journey to get you up to speed with the key competency areas required for success in the telecommunications industry. Dive into the behavioral, financial, marketing and leadership skills needed to thrive and contribute effecively toward your business.

The program focuses on the digital transformation of the Telecom industry, the latest outlook on the enterprise environment and technologies such as 5G, SDN and NFV.


Driving Performance

The telecoms market is rapidly becoming even more complex, with new communication-­‐centric services available every day from a wide variety of providers both within and outside telecoms, increasing the risk of churn still further. With your control over your customer relationships now under threat from all sides, now is the time for you to begin developing customers as true assets to your company. This is likely to involve a total re-­‐think of your current customer relationship strategy and a complete realignment of your organization with your customers’ expectations, delivering total satisfaction at all times.

We at Creative Juice found that; Your people are your assets: understanding their value drivers and developing on those, increasing their experience from Day 1 of their learning journey with you and delivering on your brand promises at every touch point will build their trust, loyalty and ultimately will impact their business deliverables as return on this investment increasing customer lifetime loyalty and profitability.

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